Hanoi Luxury Service Apartment Oakwood Residence Hanoi

Wednesday, 29/06/2022
Hanoi Luxury Service Apartment Oakwood Residence Hanoi

Hello everyone. We are Hanotobi.


We would like to introduce Oakwood Residence Hanoi (hereinafter referred to as “Oakwood”) in Ho Tay, Hanoi.


Oakwood is the brand of luxury serviced apartments of Mapletree, a real estate development and asset management investment company in Singapore.


The outline of the project is as follows.


No. 17, Lane 35, Dang Thai Mai Street Hanoi Hanoi City


GP Invest





Number of rooms


Price range

$ 1,500-5,500


Kids room, gym, infinity pool, business lounge, sauna, jacuzzi, rooftop bar (in preparation)


From Monday to Saturday, the delicious breakfast buffet includes housekeeping, so you can live a comfortable life as if you were staying at a hotel for a long time.

Not to mention, the rooms equipped with the latest wonderful equipment

You can overlook West Lake from your room and enjoy the lake view on the balcony.

If you go up to the top floor, you will find the infinity pool where you can relax and exercise.

There is an outdoor space on the ground floor, so even small children can play around on the premises with peace of mind, so it is a recommended property for families.

When I visited, a Korean parent and child were kicking a soccer ball together.

As you know, Vietnam is a motorcycle society, so if children are playing outside, they will be worried about accidents, but such anxiety can be dispelled.


The Ho Tay area is an area where many Westerners live, but this Oakwood is home to many Japanese and Koreans as well as Westerners. (Click here for area information)

The main street called Xuan Dieu is about 1km away, so if it's a cool season, you can walk comfortably.

Nearby is Tomibun, a Japanese supermarket, and Win Mart, a local supermarket.


There are delicious Bun Cha shops and Pho in the area, so you can enjoy local food, and there are plenty of pizza shops, hamburger shops, steak shops, etc. for Westerners.

Japanese restaurants such as Sushidokoro Yutaka and Oyama Ramen are nearby.


If you are interested in Oakwood rooms, you can visit online with 360 ° photos below.

・Take a 360 ° online visit of the 4beds room

Click here for room information

・Take a 360 ° online visit of the 3beds room

Click here for room information

・Take a 360 ° online visit of the 2beds room

Click here for room information

・Take a 360 ° online visit of the 1bed room

Click here for room information

・Take a 360 ° online visit of the Studio type

Click here for room information


By the way, Oakwood is one of the apartments where accepted me to take pictures even though I was still on processing to establish the company.

Their response is very polite and quick, so it is one of the properties we would like to recommend to customers looking for a room in Hanoi.

It is one of the luxury properties in Hanoi, so if you have good budgets, I would like you to consider it as one of the considerations!


Inquiries are accepted via official Zalo or email.

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