Difference between Service Apartment and Condominium

Sunday, 26/06/2022
Difference between Service Apartment and Condominium

Hello everyone. We are Hanotobi.


If you are looking for a place to live in Vietnam, I think there are many people who think that what is the difference between a serviced apartment and a condominium.


In a nutshell, "whether the property is for sell or not".


If it is for sell, it will be a condominium, and if it is not for sell, it will be a serviced apartment.


Therefore, the condominium is a scheme in which an individual owner acquires the property and puts it out for rent.

On the other hand, serviced apartments are basically owned by a corporation and rented out as a serviced apartment.


The reason for this division is due to the license.


In Vietnam, which is a socialist, land is regarded as a public asset of all Vietnamese people, and the country manages it on behalf of the people in a unified manner.

Therefore, even if you have money, you cannot do democratic development such as building and selling condominiums.


The resident population is assigned to each region.

Therefore, it is not possible to build new condominiums in areas where the population has reached its limit.

However, it is often possible to obtain a serviced apartment license, and the number of serviced apartments is increasing.


Currently, due to the overpopulation in Hanoi, there are no places left for condominiums to be built in the city center, and development is gradually moving to the suburbs.






Furniture / Home Appliances

When a room malfunctions



The number of properties in good locations is limited, and the number will increase in the suburbs in the future.

It depends on the taste of the owner, and it is completely different even within the same residence.

Furniture and home appliances, which are basic necessities, are available.

The details depend on the owner.

Contact the owner (or real estate agent)

Service Apartment


There are properties in relatively good locations

It is unified uniformly, and there are serviced apartments that match the tastes of Japanese people.

Extreme story, it is fulfilling enough to start life without problems if you bring clothes only

Contact the front lobby

(Real estate brokerage for small serviced apartments)


If you are new to Vietnam or have anxiety about living abroad for the first time, it is safer to choose a serviced apartment.


If you live in Vietnam, there will definitely be some problems sooner or later.

First of all, with that in mind, I think that if you can overcome some troublesome troubles, you may choose a condominium.


One of the problems I often hear about condominiums these days is that individual owners sell them to others, or children return from studying abroad, so they are asked to move out.

As much as possible, we will negotiate in between to ensure that the contract deadline is met, but sometimes the owner did not break and moved within the same residence.

Please keep in mind that such troubles can occur.


We have introduced the difference between serviced apartments and condominiums in Vietnam.

If you are looking for a rental property in Hanoi, please feel free to contact us from the following Zalo or inquiry email.

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