How much is the initial cost of moving in Vietnam?

It depends on the owner, but basically in Hanoi, there are most of  apartments where 3 months'prepay rent + 1 month's deposit = 4 months' total.

Will my deposit be refunded?

If the contract complete the tenor, the deposit will be refunded.

Is there a brokerage fee?

We do not charge any fees for renting.

Can I keep my favorite room?

You can keep the room by paying a deposit.

Can issue an invoice?

If the owner is a corporation, VAT invoices can be issued. Also, individuals can also issue a tax certificate instead.

What is VAT?

VAT is called Value Added Tax in English. It's like the consumption tax.

What should I do if my contract expires and I leave?

Basically, you have to notify the owner one month before you leave.

What if my contract doesn't expire?

The deposit will not be refunded.

I'm worried about languages?

If you are worried about your language skills, please let us know your request. We will contact the owner.

Is there a serviced apartment operated by a Japanese company in Hanoi?

Yes, there are some. Daiwa House's Roygent Parks, Haseko's The Authentic, and Nikmix run several buildings in Japantown.

Where is the Japanese town in Hanoi?

There is a Japanese town in Ba Dinh district. Other regional characteristics of Hanoi are summarized in this article.

How about the Vietnamese Dong / Japanese Yen rate?

It was 1 yen and 200 dong for a long time, so if you take two 0s and divide by 2, you can convert it to Japanese yen. Recently, due to the depreciation of the yen, it has been around 180 yen per yen. (As of May 2022)

Can I drink tap water in Vietnam?

We do not recommend drinking tap water as it is. Buy mineral water or install a water purifier.

How is the security in Hanoi?

Compared to other countries, I think security is better. However, there have been many snatches in Japantown for a long time, so please pay attentions when you go out.

Is it possible to be introduced the rooms which is not on this website?

Some rooms are not listed, so please feel free to contact us first.

I don't have much time to go for a preview?

On our site, 360 ° photos of all rooms are posted and can be viewed online. It is also possible for us to go to the site instead of you and video call with you.

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